Online-Parent Training to Release Family Stress


Stress is a wide-spread phenomenon. We feel stressed because of too much work, too little time, noise, insecurity, etc. If we bring stress home to the family, it can be set off again by other members of the family or result in conflicts. That is why personal stress must be processed, preferably before it manifests itself negatively!


Stress und stress managment


In this module you will find captivating information on stress experiences and how stress can be prevented and managed. You will also take a small stress test and will have some exercises to do. You will be trained by means of the module content which enacts daily life situations.

After you complete the module you will be able to answer the following three questions (training goal):

  What is stress?
How can stress be prevented?
How can stress can be successfully managed?

We recommend you to go to the "Exercises" page and try some of the exercises!
Beginning exercise: Stress-Manhatten

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Individual stress
Stress prevention
Managing stress
  Family stress  
  Do we experience too much stress in our family?
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