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Informationen on Online Parent Training

The online training for parents who would like to improve their competence in stress management.

Feelings of being overwhelmed by raising children, relations with partner or professional pressure as well as feelings of anger and tiredness can all be signs of stress. When under stress the education of children is much more difficult, your relationship with your partner more strained and your job brings you less satisfaction.

By participating in Online Parent Training you will learn how to resist individual stress and how to deal with the stress in the family. Information and exercises aimed at improving your competence in stress management are provided in four interactive modules.

1. Individual Stress: Reasons and Handling
2. Empathy in Communication: Theory und Practice
3. Stress in the Family: Reasons and Handling
4. Problem Solving Strategies: Theory und Practice
Module 1: Individual stress

The first module provides background knowledge concerning stress and discusses measures such as stress management strategies that should be taken to manage stress. For example various techniques of active relaxation are presented.

Module 2: Communication

This module demonstrates simple communication rules for everyday life and conflict situations. It emphasizes the positive effect of using empathy and active listening, and gives you a chance to train them.

Module 3: Stress in the family

The participants will receive information about social stress situations and about social stress management. The idea of positive upbringing will be discussed and the first upbringing tips will be provided.

Module 4: Problem solving

The fourth module discusses possible strategies when dealing with conflicts and difficulties in bringing up younger and older children. 

The above theoretical modules 1 and 3 provide background knowledge about stress in the family in general. They explain what stress is and what can be done to prevent it. Modules 2 and 4 are, on the other hand, mostly oriented towards practice. They demonstrate how successful communication and fair conflict solving may be attained. Altogether the four modules are a good help for stress management in the process of bringing up children!


After each module you can test yourself on your acquired knowledge. Successful participation in the Online Parent Training will be rewarded by a Participant Certificate!


The Online Parent Training is a FREE offer.


It will take approximately one to two hours for the successful completion of the module (independent work). It is presumed that the participants of Online Parent Training will try out the things they have learned in everyday life situations. Without putting strategies into practice this program will not change anything.


The requirements for Online Training participants is a valid e-mail address, internet access and compatible web-browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape, Version 6.0).

It is desirable for both parents to participate in the Online Parent Training. But it is not obligatory.

Anonymity and safety

Registration and participation for Online Parent Training is carried out anonymously. Interaction in chat rooms can be carried out under a chosen fictive name (for example, "Yves" or "Mynona").

The Training area is close to third parties. Only registered members can participate.

The Online Parent Training is based on a family stress course PEP / PPP (Präventives Eltern Programm / Preventive Parent Program) by G. Michel, K. Kronenberg and M. Perrez and was developed by the Department of Clinical Psychology in Fribourg University. The PEP / PPP course was funded in 2001 in the framework of Family Stress Research. On the basis of research results and with the help of Prof. Dr. Meinrad Perrez, the Online Parent Training was launched.

The Online Parent Training will introduce and teach various techniques which are aimed at the altering behavior. These techniques are (in the majority) scientifically proven and can be considered efficient.

Online Parent Training is oriented – believing in the possibility for each person to change and develop– towards the principle of positive upbringing. Parents will try out and practice a positive style of upbringing, giving their children self confidence, giving them attention and also understanding that children should have freedom within certain limits. This is done in a constructive, non-abusive manner.


The Online Parent Training is an offer from a specialized department of Clinical Psychology in Fribourg University Switzerland. Headed by Prof. Dr. Meinrad Perrez. This department has years of experience in Parent Training and scientific research connected to stress within the family.

The Training is administrated by Yves Hänggi.. Dr. Phil. Hänggi is a Psychologist, former collaborater of the Department of Clinical Psychology in Fribourg University (CH), Parent trainer, licensed Triple P Upbringing Councilor and father of two children. Supervision is provided by Prof. Dr. Meinrad Perrez, specialist in upbringing, stress and stress management.

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  General  procedure:
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Yves Hänggi

Coach in handling stress