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Liability indemnity (disclamer) for Online Parent Training

1. Liability for Utilisation

The Online Parent Training doesn’t offer nor replace any kind of therapy. The wbsite provieds information on stress managment skills in family and in individual seting. The website include also information on ubbrining issues. The content of our site was organized with utmost care. However we do not take responsibility that the information provided in these pages is correct, complete or up to date. Liability claims against the service offerers are in principle impossible. This is true for liability claims which result of damage by use or not-use of the information offered and / or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information. Liability claims are only possible, if on the part of the authors as can be proven deliberate or wantonly negligent being to be blamed for.

2. Liability for Content

As the service provider we are responsible for our own content on these pages according to general rules. Service providers however are not responsible for submitted outside information or supervision of outside research techniques and methods. Our responsibility only begins when we are made aware of a concrete violation of the law. When we are aware that the content is in violation of the law we will close it immediately.

3. Liability for Links

For direct or indirect links to other internet sites ("Links"), which lie outside of the author's sphere of responsibility, liability will come into effect only if the author had previous knowledge of illegal content and it would have been technically possible for him to prevent its use. The author declares that at the time of publishing there is no known illegal content on the link sites. The author has no influence on current and future designs, the contents or copyrights of linked sites. The author hereby declares that he is not responsible for the content of the linked sites that may have been changed after the link was published on the author's site. This declaration is valid for all Internet links and references offered by third parties left in guest books, discussion forums and mailing Lists.

4. Copyright

The copyright for all contents published by the author of these pages belongs exclusively to the author. Reproduction or use of figures and texts in other electronic or printed publications is forbidden without the written consent of the author.

5. Data Protection 

SPersonal data which appears on our pages (names, signatures and e-mail addresses), are given on a voluntary basis. Use of this site and services is also possible without submitting personal data. It is hereby stated, that in accordance with publishing rights, the use of published data by a third party for sending publicity and other non-requested information is forbidden. The users of these pages reserve the right undertake legal measures in case of receiving non-requested advertising or information via spam-mails. Data collected by Online Parent Training may be made anonymous and used for research purposes and scientific publication.

6. Legal Effect of this liability indemnity

This liability indemnity should be considered a part of the internet offer. In the case where partial or entire wordings of this text become invalid and no longer meet the provisions, the rest of the document and its content remains unchanged.

Yves Hänggi, Fribourg, May 2006

© 2020 by Yves Hänggi and University of Fribourg, Switzerland. top


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